All Krupps warewashing machine options

See below all available add on options and essentials for our range of Krupps warewashing machines.

Machine Chemicals


Glasswash Detergent

Dishwash Detergent

Acid Descaler


Water Softners

8 Litre Softner

12 Litre Softner

Granular Salt

Stainless Steel

Bespoke passthrough dishwasher tabling & sinks etc all made to measure

Basket racking

Cabinet type machine stands with basket storage under

Wall Shelves

Detergent doseing pumps

Peristeltic detergent pumps

Peristeltic rinseaid pumps (fixed flow for dosing acuracy)


Machine rinse booster pumps

Ideal for low water preasure areas

Lease Purchase

Leasing is available subject to status & also short term repayments scheme in operation.

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